Top Sexual Positions For Females

Sex is one of the most natural acts in the world, yet it is something millions struggle with every day. Whether it is an overwhelming addiction or a debilitating fear, these problems can and often do spill over into people’s lives.

When something starts affecting your daily life, that’s when you know you have real problems. As natural as sex is, to refer to it as a simple act might be a bit much. Take sexual positions for instance. Believe it or not, recent studies suggest that some of those positions may provide more pleasure than others.

Men And Women Are Designed To Vary

Regardless of what your partner is telling you to pad your ego, it should be obvious that the male and female bodies are different. That much is clear, so it’s time to start treating them differently. It isn’t just the differing anatomy either. Everything from attitude to molecular design is different. The sexual experience will be far more beneficial once couples wrap their heads around this simple fact.

Women or even some men may not enjoy the same sexual positions. There is nothing wrong with that. Some people may enjoy the tried and tested missionary position while others despise it. It has everything to do with the anatomy. For women, it is all about clitoral stimulation (the G-spot). The majority of the time when a woman doesn’t climax, it can be attributed to the lack of clitoral stimulation. Watch Porn Live cams to learn more.

The Edge Of The Bed/Couch

The edge of the bed position is about as basic as it gets, yet one of the most effective for prime clitoral stimulation. It doesn’t require any great athletic or acrobatic ability, which is always a major plus. Although the name of the position virtually explains itself, it’s the control offered to the penetrative partner that makes it a favorite. That along with the deeper penetration it offers.

The position involves the receiving partner with their hips at the edge of the bed/couch/surface and legs in the air or pressed against their chest. The clitoris is fully exposed to the penetrative partner during the act, so take prime advantage.

The Lotus

The lotus is another oldie but goodie. Once again, there is no great athletic ability required and the position can be used easily just about anywhere. It entails the giver sitting cross-legged with the receiver sitting on their lap while also facing their partner. For women, the position can be extremely beneficial thanks to the illusion of control and power.

Illusion would almost be the wrong term because the receiving partner will have full control of the speed, rhythm, and depth of the penetrating object (penis/strap-on). Another thing to keep in mind, the position puts partners about as closely as they can get together, so be sure to take full advantage by bumping, grinding, and kissing.

Standing Doggy-Style

The standing doggy-style position may not need an introduction, but most couples don’t truly understand why it is so preferred. They simply know that it feels good and that can be fine in some aspects. To start, the act involves the receiving partner standing about shoulder-width apart and bending forward at the waist. Hands can rest on the wall, table, chair, couch, or whatever is within reaching distance.

The penetrating partner enters from behind while leveraging themselves with their partner’s hips or waist. This one also offers the benefits of much deeper penetration, but it is the constant contact between the penis and the clitoris that is most beneficial. In addition to that, the receiver, if female, can control the level of stimulation by simply adjusting the hips.

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