Soapy Teaser Vale Blagoeva

Any friend of Demmy Blaze is a friend of ours. Vale Blagoeva’s favorite color is red. She loves to shop for sexy lingerie and wear it on-camera.

XLGirls: What do you want to try in life that you haven’t done yet?

Vale Blagoeva: I want to travel. To begin with, my beloved native country. I have already started doing this.

XLGirls: What’s your favorite sex position?

Vale Blagoeva: Mostly doggie-style and riding. I am an experimenter. I love trying new positions to show my flexibility.

XLGirls: What type of foreplay do you like?

Vale Blagoeva: Kissing, body caressing, oral caressing and masturbation.

XLGirls: What was a memorable sexual experience for you?

Vale Blagoeva: Under the table in a restaurant. Good memories! I dream of being stuck in an elevator with a man.

XLGirls: Do you have any fetishes?

Vale Blagoeva: Lingerie, cosmetics and perfumes.

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