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BBW Roberta Smallwood Sucks Her Own Nipples

April 30, 2017
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BBWs are not just big, beautiful women. They’re quite a talented lot, too. Their flexibility could take you by surprise. And as for their hardcore skills that include sucking cock and fucking like it’s their birthright? Well, you just need to watch and become a believer. Take the curvaceous redhead Roberta Smallwood as an example. She is one of the first recognizable BBWs because of her magnificent 54-G cups which are so gloriously huge and round, they should be issued their own safety helmets whenever Roberta goes out for a drive! Because of this, many porn connoisseurs consider her a pioneer in the realm of BBW porn videos even though her overall girth is smaller in comparison to today’s roster of big, beautiful women. Of course, having humongous boobs also has its advantages, which Roberta will happily demonstrate in this vintage video compilation of her best scenes. Reed the rest of this article »